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It Stinketh

Updated: Feb 25

Have you ever felt like life just stinketh?!

I was reminded yesterday of when they said the same thing to Jesus . The hard things of life are no obstacle to Him.

There was definitely an obstacle that needed to be dealt with. Ever heard of the elephant in the room? I suspect that’s where the smell is coming from.. Knowone wants to address it. Avoidance is so much easier, says the voice of fear.

Jesus was not subject to fear. Neither are you, if you're a blood washed, Holy Spirit filled, devil stomping, believing believer!

John 11:39 YLT

Jesus saith, `Take ye away the stone;' the sister of him who hath died -- Martha -- saith to him, `Sir, already he stinketh, for he is four days dead;'

I find it quite interesting that a dead person cannot put themselves in a tomb, or place the stone at the doorway.

Others may proclaim you dead. The enemy will try to place the stone across your life. Others may say there's a stench, don’t go near!