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give me hope

YES it is possible to start again, have a new beginning. I am telling you there is hope. Your situation is not lost, or hopeless. I know in the darkest of moments your feelings are screaming at you, telling you there is no way out of this mess, you’ve stuffed up real good this time.

Coming to the end of your self is a great place to be, even though it doesn’t feel real good. Having your back up against a wall, and seems like all hell is breaking loose, you want to give up. The giving up part is where I want you to focus. The coming to the end, or bottoming out, is frightening, if you have no hope. However your reading this tells me you are searching for another way, and know there has to be an answer to my life.

The great news is you can begin again. How you say? Great question. Make a bold decision today to put your trust, your life, your heart into the hands of God, who you cannot see, however is very real. What have you got to loose? You your life already stinks right?

STEPS TO A NEW LIFE: begin again.

1. TAKE THE FIRST STEP and give your life to God. There is one way to God, through believing in His Son Jesus Christ who died on the cross, paid the price and purchased you with his blood. Have you ever been giving a gift? Do you leave the gift on the shelf, still in its wrapping paper, look at it every time you enter your room and think to your self what a lovely gift, I’m so grateful for this gift I wonder what’s inside of this gift? NO, that would be foolish right? So this gift is to be taken off the shelf and unwrapped.

2. EXCHANGE your old life for His new life by unwrapping the gift. This is called the great exchange. Your life that was pretty undone, for a life in Jesus Christ, who has everything you will ever need. By unwrapping the gift of eternal life, you begin to see what this gift does for you.

3. BEGIN TO USE THE GIFT: some people don’t go beyond this part of their new life. But let me encourage you, there is more to this gift than you think. For example, with every new day mercy is poured out afresh. That means if you stuffed, up and fell back into an old way of thinking, like holding a grudge, of hating someone. You get a fresh start every morning.

4. PLANT YOUR NEW LIFE in GOD’S house. Your gift only works at its best when you are with those who are also unwrapping and discovering the gift of JESUS CHRIST. Just like a gift if you do not replace the batteries the gift becomes useless as the batteries will eventually die. You are charged and renewed every time you come together.

5. NEVER LOOK BACK, keep moving forward because the GOD OF ALL HOPE carries you now for the rest of your life until you go to be with HIM for all eternity.

Romans 15:13 I pray that God, the source of hope, will fill you completely with joy and peace because you trust in him. Then you will overflow with confident hope through the power of the Holy Spirit.

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