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Love is not a feeling

Have ever heard a marriage brake up based on the phrase “I don’t love them any more? “ or “ I don’t feel loved any more”

Sadly it’s a phrase used as an excuse to walk away from marriage, relationships, God and family and church. the great deception that love is a feeling.

So many broken lives the devil is a liar !!! Love is not a feeling !!! I don’t feel loved has exited my mouth I’m sorry to admit, along with blame, pointing the finger, and all other relational destroying attitudes!!! I wish I was way more matured in this area yet I call on the mercy of God to change me.

We don’t feel loved because we think receiving love is the answer to us feeling loved. We forget the powerful spiritual law when Jesus said Acts 20:35 …And remember the words of the Lord Jesus, that He said, 'It is more blessed to give than to receive.'"

Blessed is defined supremely blest; by extension fortunate well off: - blessed happy (X -ier).

Can you imagine Jesus saying I don’t feel loved ?? Yet he was greatly loved, and modelled how we get to feel loved. He poured His life out on others and the Father made sure He continued with a feeling of being loved. John 15:9 KJV